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the nomad solution

Fieldmade NOMAD systems consist of a series of mobile units designed after MILSPEC principles to be able to function under all possible conditions and still maintain secure working conditions both for machines and personnel. The systems are designed to operate at high demanding requirement sites like offshore installations and production sites.

The NOMAD systems are tailored to fit customer needs, equipped with the best suitable AM technology to fit the users’ needs at the current location defined by end-user applications. The NOMAD systems feature:

  • ISO/CSC certified containers, single and expandable.
  • Printer cells with environmental control
  • Fully damped printer bases (AIR, SEA, and LAND transportable)
  • Fully self-sustained – as option
  • Reverse Engineering
  • QA and inspection tools
  • AM Processes:
    • Powder bed fusion – Polymers and metals
    • VAT polymerization
    • Material Extrusion
    • Direct Energy Deposition
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