High operability across different sectors

Digital supply chains and mobile additive manufacturing can be exploited across all industries. All of our partners and customers have one common goal – high operability. Furthermore, they are often challenged with (correctly) modelling and predicting their spare part needs, both short term and long term, and the risk and consequences of inoperability drives build-up of large and costly inventories. Additionally, our partners and customers often operate in remote and austere locations, they often need highly customized components and they are frequently challenged with obsolescence problematics.

Learn more about our solutions below.

Energy: Your transition towards a digital supply chain

Unforeseen downtime in operations, particularly on remote locations, is extremely expensive. The current solution of stockpiling huge inventories is not cost effective. However, by introducing digital supply chains, digital inventories and production of spare parts through additive manufacturing, you are able to both limit your downtimes through reduced lead times and supply chain enhancements, and also reduce your spare part inventories whilst still maintaining safety standards, IP production rights and warranties. Read more »


Defence: Increasing your combat readiness on-site

Increasing your logistic flexibility and warfighter operability is one of our core missions. End-to-end solutions is crucial for successful implementation of additive manufacturing within military operations – that is why we offer world leading, fully integrated additive manufacturing solutions for deployed military use. Our NOMAD® units will help you produce the spare parts you need, when you need them and where you need them. Supported by the Fieldmade Digital Inventory, the solution supports soldier-driven production whilst maintaining your existing supplier relations. Read more »


Other Industries: Identifying your gain from additive manufacturing and digital solutions

Challenging supply chains and demands for high operability exists across all industries. We can help you identify how your organization is able to exploit digital supply chains, digital inventories and additive manufacturing, and prepare you for the digital era. Outside the energy- and defence sectors, we have been helping companies within medical, shipping, manufacturing and food production among others. Read more »