Increasing your combat readiness on-site

Maintaining operability and combat readiness is the key to successful operations. Military logistics need to manage a complex flow of information, components, and products throughout a demanding supply chain. The distributed nature of field operations in rural areas increases this complexity further. Our full-scale mobile additive manufacturing solutions for defence support industry-specific structures, processes, rules and protocols, as well as specific robustness-, interoperability- and security requirements in order to facilitate field deployment of NOMAD® Additive Manufacturing Microfactories.

To be successful producing spare parts, both temporary and one-to-one, in deployed settings, it is cruical to secure file transfer, limited IP production rights and warranties. We solve this through Fieldmade Digital Inventory, an ecosystem that allows for full reproducibility, developed with all stakeholders in your supply chain.

Investigating how mobile additive manufacturing increases combat readiness in military operations

With the support of the Norwegian Ministry of Defence, we have been able to investigate how mobile additive manufacturing can be exploited in military operations to increase combat readiness of the armed forces. Through deployment with Norwegian divisions of the armed forces on several military exercises, such as CWIX18, TRJE18, CL19 and FLOTEX19, we developed a proven solution for in-field additive manufacturing – the NOMAD® Series, which introduces deployable, self-sustained microfactories to increase operability and combat readiness of military equipment at the point of need. Under various deployment conditions, the NOMAD® Series has demonstrated on-demand production capabilities of OEM certified spare parts both in polymer and metal.

Designed after MILSPEC principles, our NOMAD® Series offers military organizations a battle-proven solution to exploit a digital spare part supply chain.

Supporting soldier-driven spare part production in theatre

One of our core missions is to develop world leading and fully integrated additive manufacturing solutions for deployed military use. As an ideal companion to our deployable NOMAD® Series, the Fieldmade Digital Inventory supports soldier-driven spare part production in theatre. End users can access fully aggregated print files with supporting metadata – allowing for full reproducibility of one-to-one spare parts whilst maintaining your existing supplier relations. During our numerous deployments with the Norwegian armed forces, we have populated our Digital Inventory with components proven to be critical for succesful missions.

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AWE20: Identifying how the Army can exploit developments in technoloy in the Agile Command, Control and Communication space

The Army Warfighting Experiment (AWE, previously URBan EXperimentation – URBEX) has been an ongoing Army experimentation program for around 10 years in the UK. The program of 2020 is not directly related to additive manufacturing besides our participation, but additive manufacturing has been an ongoing exploration in the UK Army. In 2019, the UK MOD initiated a project revolving around mobile makerspaces,  meaning containers with novel printing equipment. A more advanced setup of these containers is subject for exploration during the program.

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Hacking for Allies: broadening the exposure of DoD to innovative teams and technologies

Hacking for Allies (H4A) is a relatively new program being run as a partnership between the Norwegian-American Defense & Homeland Security Industry Council (NADIC), the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Washington D.C, Innovation Norway (IN) and the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI). The goal is to broaden the exposure of DoD to innovative teams and technology from Allied nations, with the hopes of solving challenging problems common to both the US and its Allies. Fieldmade was chosen as one of four companies from Norway for the first H4A rotation.

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