How energy companies transition towards a digital supply chain with additive manufacturing and digital inventories

Maintaining operability and combat readiness is the key to successful operations. Military logistics need to manage a complex flow of information, components, and products throughout a demanding supply chain. The distributed nature of field operations in rural areas increases this complexity further. Our full-scale mobile additive manufacturing solutions for defence support industry-specific structures, processes, rules and protocols, as well as specific robustness-, interoperability- and security requirements in order to facilitate field deployment of NOMAD® Additive Manufacturing Microfactories.

To be successful producing spare parts, both temporary and one-to-one, in deployed settings, it is cruical to secure file transfer, limited IP production rights and warranties. We solve this through Fieldmade Digital Inventory, an ecosystem that allows for full reproducibility, developed with all stakeholders in your supply chain.

Reducing build-up of spare part inventories with Fieldmade Digital Inventory

Onshore and offshore energy production often takes place in remote and austere locations. To ensure optimal production in these locations, companies stockpile large and costly spare part inventories, ensuring backup in case of unscheduled maintenance or downtime. Although most of the spare part inventory never see use, no better alternatives has existed. Until now. Our digital inventory ecosystem brings all stakeholders in the energy production on the same platform, ensuring local production of needed spare parts in- or near real time whilst securing existing customer relations between end-users and OEMs. Leveraging our solutions, operators and service entities in the energy sectors are able to reduce their spare part inventories by 10 to 25 percent.

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Increase your operation uptime with additive manufacturing

With our NOMAD® Microfactories, supported by the Fieldmade Digital Inventory, we are able to replace traditional warehouses with an on-demand production facility located near the source of need. Additive manufacturing is a broad term, encompassing a broad scope of technologies, and we are able to customize our microfactories based on your needs, be it polymer or composite-based components or all-metal spare parts. By exploiting the benefits of additive manufacturing, your orgainzation can reduce your repair costs by 50 to 90 percent, whilst reducing your overall carbon footprint through reduced waste and transport.

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Equinor & TechStars Energy Accelerator: Disruptive solutions within oil and gas, renewables, new business models and digitalisation

The Army Warfighting Experiment (AWE, previously URBan EXperimentation – URBEX) has been an ongoing Army experimentation program for around 10 years in the UK. The program of 2020 is not directly related to additive manufacturing besides our participation, but additive manufacturing has been an ongoing exploration in the UK Army. In 2019, the UK MOD initiated a project revolving around mobile makerspaces,  meaning containers with novel printing equipment. A more advanced setup of these containers is subject for exploration during the program.

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