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COVID-19: Assisting the Norwegian health sector in the crisis

Additive manufacturing enables local production and rapid response in times of crisis. When the rest of the world is in state of emergency, we were able to facilitate access to critical components and spare parts. We made our face shield design and -production instructions open source and teamed up with both makers and companies, including Aker Solutions and Wood to provide local hospitals and health workers with face protection shields among other components.

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Our engineers have also assisted a team of dedicated medical doctors and engineers under supervision of Akershus University Hospital with both development- and testing of the EURODAPTER, the COVID-19 solution for a surgical helmet. The solution is a novel add-on to existing surgical helmets, serving a double purpose as a surgical helmet in peace times and an infection safe helmet in pandemic times.

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UrbanAlps: The safest mechanical key the world has ever seen

The Stealth Key from Urban Alps is the safest mechanical key in the world, hiding its mechanical code under narrow ledges. This means that the key cannot be scanned or cloned, thus offering maximum protection against copying. In 2019 we partnered up with Urban Alps to produce the high-security keys on-demand and on-site for military and energy-based customers with our NOMAD® units.

Our aim is to find innovative ways to bring more value to our customers, not just a revolutionary key like the Stealth Key from Urban Alps, but the benefits that novel additive manufacturing entails, like digital supply chains.

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GRIEG: Investigating the potential of an additive ecosystem for the shipping industry

With Grieg Logistics, we have been investigating how an additive manufacturing ecosystem can be exploited to create new areas of business and improve their existing service portfolio. This includes both production of spare parts through a partner network or our NOMAD® Units, and a fully integrated end-to-end solution with Fieldmade Digital Inventory to secure IP production rights, warranties and existing relations. The shipping industry faces similar challenges as the energy sector – costly unplanned downtime in operation, long lead times for certain spare parts and a focus on improving operabilty.

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