Solving your challenges en route to your digital supply chain

We support your transition towards digital supply chains. Successful implementation of additive manufacturing relies on end-to-end solutions for securing limited IP production rights, repeatability and secure warranty issues. Hence, our solutions support you and your organization throughout the entire process.

Learn more about our solutions below.

Fieldmade Digital Inventory: The secure solution to manage and distribute your printing files and records

Fieldmade Digital Inventory allows your organization to access fully aggregated print-ready files with supporting metadata. This results in a ecosystem that allows for full reproducibility of one-to-one spare parts with secure IP production rights and warranties. Read more »


NOMAD® Series: Your industrial solution for mobile additive manufacturing

Our NOMAD® Series introduces mobile additive manufacturing, which means you have the capability of an industrial AM setup where you are, when you need it. All of our units can be transported by air, sea and land, making sure that equipment parts can be produced locally just-in-time. Read more »


Services: Your partner in building digital spare part supply chains

Building digital spare part supply chains is a challenging, but necessary task for your organization in preparation of the future. Our services includes aspects from business development, supply chain analytics based on your product portfolio and engineering geared towards preparation- and qualification of AM components. We believe that our unique experience and skillset will make us your perfect partner for building digital spare part supply chains. Read more »